Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Bring On The Diabetes Storm?

There’s been a flurry of diabetes-related reports, guidelines and activity in the last few weeks, kicked off with the release of the new NICE guidance for Type 2 diabetes at the start of December. Hotly debated in its draft stages, the guidance was delayed by the need to re-work some of the recommendations as a result

However eggy-faced this might have made the authors, the result is hugely improved and more importantly, will probably benefit people with Type 2 diabetes and professionals alike to a much greater degree

It’s not perfect by any means. Foremost in our minds here at SD, is the disastrously limited use for personal blood glucose monitoring, about which we have expressed concern before on this blog. However, the authors and guideline committee have clearly listened to their critics, and allowed a much greater freedom of choice, for example of which medication class to use as treatment intensifies. They’ve also very helpfully articulated exactly what education programmes should comprise and when these should be offered. And at least, the topic of self-blood glucose monitoring in Type 2 diabetes is recommended for more research. So, good – as far as it goes

Of course, no guideline is of any use at all unless it’s followed – so take a look at the full thing and see whether it applies to your life or work with Type 2, or check out our ’10 Guideline Headlines’ for an overview to whet your appetite.

Elsewhere, Diabetes UK reported recently that diabetes numbers are ever growing, and have now topped 4 million, with the majority having Type 2 diabetes and people with this form are becoming younger and younger at diagnosis. This knowledge is bittersweet – on the one hand it focuses the minds of policy makers and the NHS alike, but on the other, to world-weary, longstanding diabetes campaigners and organisations, it brings a huge temptation to shout ‘I told you so!’, as they recall so many other warning reports that this would in fact, come to pass, and feel sad that these warnings were not heeded

But we are where we are, and so the recent report of the Public Accounts Committee of the UK Government, concluding that diabetes is costing the nation far too much and there is far too much variance in the standards of care, shines a welcome light on what needs to be done urgently, albeit the cry of ‘again’ might be heard from some quarters

Just today, it’s been announced that the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Diabetes will be hosting an international diabetes conference in Parliament on 3rd February, with the aim of sharing best practice in diabetes and raising awreness. It’s open to attendance by people living and working with diabetes alike, providing a welcome chance for these groups to meet each other on common ground. That’s an opportunity not often seen, despite grand rhetoric about collaboration and partnership in care. Despite the short notice, this is likely to be a buzzing event and something new and different to herald what looks likely to be a landmark year for diabetes developments.

Judging by the way it’s started, there’s every reason to hope this new year diabetes flurry becomes a full-on storm! Bring it on


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